DEFENSIVE shotgun 102


This 3 hour class will expand upon the fundamentals learned in Defensive Shotgun 101 for utilizing a tube magazine shotgun in a defensive situation. This class is not intended for students utilizing shotguns with detachable box magazines. Students will learn the following topics in the classroom and on the range:

  1. Patterning your defensive load with your shotgun.
  2. Compressed ready techniques.
  3. Methods for engaging multiple threats.
  4. Utilizing slugs for defensive scenarios.

Class Pre-Requisite: Social Shotgun 101


Each student is required to bring the following to class:

  • A pump or semi-auto tube magazine fed shotgun in 12 or 20 gauge.” Shockwave” style firearms are allowed in class with prior approval from instructor.
  • 50 rounds of buckshot (#4 Buck or bigger)                                      NO BIRDSHOT OR STEEL ALLOWED
  • 10 rounds of the ammunition student is using for their defensive load.
  • 10 rounds of slug ammunition
  • A method to carry at least 15 rounds of buckshot ammo and 5 rounds of slug ammo for immediate use on your body. Slugs need to be carried in a manner that separates them from the buckshot. Dump Pouches, Belt shell holders, Side saddles on a shotgun can count towards that.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Eyes/Ears).

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