DEFENSIVE shotgun 101


This 3 hour class will cover the basics of utilizing a tube magazine shotgun in a defensive situation. This class is not intended for students utilizing shotguns with detachable box magazines. If a student wishes to use a shockwave style firearm they must get instructor approval prior to the course, otherwise they are not allowed. Students will learn the following topics in the classroom and on the range:


    1. Advantages and disadvantages of using a shotgun for personal defense. To include dispelling a few myths in the process.
    2. Differences between pump and semi-auto shotguns including the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.
    3. Methods of storing a shotgun for use in defensive scenarios.
    4. Ready positions, mounting and techniques for managing recoil when firing a shotgun
    5. Managing ammunition when utilizing a shotgun to include various loading methods.
    6. How to identify and clear common malfunctions associated with pump action and semi-auto tube fed magazine shotguns.
    7. Do’s and Don’ts for configuration of a defensive/tactical/social shotgun


  1. A pump or semi-auto tube magazine fed shotgun in 12 or 20 gauge.” Shockwave” style firearms are allowed in class with prior approval from instructor. To help with the learning of all students, please ensure you can perform the following basic operations of your shotgun prior to class.
    1. Load
    2. Unload
    3. lock action open
    4. engage and disengage safety
  2. 50 rounds of buckshot (#4 Buck or bigger)                                NO BIRDSHOT OR STEEL ALLOWED
  3. A method to carry at least 15 rounds of ammo for immediate use on your body. Dump Pouches, shell holders, and Side saddles on a shotgun can count towards that.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (Eyes/Ears).

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