Illinois CCW


Not all CCW classes are created equal. At Second Amendment Sports, our full CCW package takes care of everything required to obtain an IL CCL/CCW license. Full package includes the 16hr (two days) of class instruction mandated by the state of IL, qualification on the range, qualification target, and LiveScan fingerprint submission. Upon successful completion, student will be certified to carry in the state of Illinois. Waiting period for CCW license will apply (up to 90 days or longer.) Fee for class does not include $150 required to the state of Illinois to obtain license. The certification here also includes certification for Florida. It’s a one-stop shop. You just show up and qualify. Simple.


  • Ear & eye protection

  • Carry gun (also available for rent)

  • At least 90 rounds of ammunition

  • Pen and paper (optional)

Contact Us

3705 W Elm St
McHenry, IL 60050
(815) 385-5522



10am – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday:
9am – 5pm
Range closes thirty minutes before store closes.