Dynamic Pistol Skills


For those who carry, this class takes you to the next stage. As you know, Illinois CCW class does not emphasize your carry skills. We have put together a shooting experience where participants can perfect presenting from a holster, shooting from a barricade, and strong/weak hand skills. We also will mix in a big helping of ‘gunfun’ as shooters will engage various targets with some movement as an added skill drill. A must for anyone that carries a firearm, or who wants to improve dynamic handgun skills. 


  1. Eye/Ear Protection Centerfire pistol
  2. Holster
  3. 3 or more mags
  4. Pouches for 3-4 mags
  5. Gun belt or other type of strong belt
  6. 150-200 rounds of ammo
  7. Shooters must have shooting experience, not for novice participants.
  8. Must have holster and strong handgun skills.

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10am – 9pm
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